Wasp Nest Removal & Extermination Hillingdon, Bucks & Berks

Being overrun by wasps is a significant cause for concern, due to their aggressive nature, particularly when they feel threatened, which causes them to attack and sting. Wasp stings can cause severe reactions in some people, in worse cases resulting in death, which is why wasps nests located in areas of high human activity must always be treated.

Due the aggressive nature of wasps it can prove dangerous for the untrained to attempt to treat a wasps’ nest. Often amateurs make the mistake of trying to remove a nest when a professional would treat it with appropriate tools and insecticides not available to the general public.

Commonly wasps build their nests in areas where they are protected from the elements and sheltered from disturbances, typically in lofts, sheds and hedgerows. A single nest has the potential to produce 30 thousand wasps in a year.

You can try and prevent wasps from nesting by:
  • Checking your loft for potential entry points and sealing these to prevent access.
  • Using insect mesh to cover air bricks.
  • Using lighting in places where wasps have previously nested to discourage future nests.
  • Treating timber with a wasp repellent such as Culprinol.
  • Block up holes in your garden during winter months to discourage nest building.

At L&T Humane Pest Removal, we treat nests with a powdered insecticide. If the nest has been located we inject it directly into the nest, otherwise we treat the entry holes used by the wasps. The wasps using these entry/exit points then carry the powder back to the nest killing off all inhabitants.

If you find you are in need of having a wasp nest treated in the Hayes, Hillingdon, Heathrow, Slough or Greenford areas, get in touch with the friendly professionals at L&T Humane Pest Control by calling 07947 755 298.

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