Rabbit Control Services Hillingdon, Bucks & Berks

L&T Humane Pest Control offer professional rabbit control; if you discover that rabbits are damaging your crops and the ground in your garden, fields or paddocks it is time to get in touch with us, professional pest controllers.

Rabbits are renowned for destroying crops, collapsing banks due to burrowing and causing accidents in fields. Breeding the way rabbits do means that what you believe to be a small issue can escalate out of control before you know it.

While it might seem impossible to get a rabbit problem under control, do not despair, we work to identify the appropriate control programme and rabbit proofing to get the problem under control as soon as possible. We also take the welfare of animals very seriously and as our name suggests, deal with such issues as humanely as possible.

Here are a few ways to try and discourage rabbits from invading your land:
  • Where possible ensure your land isn’t rabbit friendly; minimise hiding places, reduce wood piles and dense vegetation.
  • Scaring them away with the scent of a predator; sprinkling pet hair or cat litter can deter rabbits from destroying flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • In pet free areas the use of odour chemicals can prevent rabbits from eating plants
  • Scare tactics, such as loud noises or unexpected movement can also send rabbits on their way

There are many methods of rabbit control that we can utilise from ferreting to poisoning. We also help by advising and initiating rabbit proofing. For a free, no obligation quote or more information on the rabbit control methods we use in the Hayes, Hillingdon, Heathrow, Slough or Greenford areas, contact L&T Humane Pest Control on 07947 755 298.

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