Fox Control Services Hillingdon, Bucks & Berks

If you are experiencing problems with foxes intruding onto your property, scavenging through your rubbish, damaging your garden or disturbing your pets, L&T Humane Pest Control can help.

Foxes can pose serious health risks, with mange being of particular concern; mange is a skin disease in mammals that can occasionally be passed on to humans. Foxes that have mange usually die within 4 months.

Ways to discourage foxes include:

  • Instead of leaving bin bags out, try putting these in a wheelie bin with the lid firmly shut
  • Keep compost heaps closed away to avoid offering a food source
  • Ensure you feed pets indoors rather than putting their food out for them

With the increase of urban foxes, fox control is becoming increasingly necessary. Fox control is a more specialist form of pest control, at L&T Humane Pest Control, we offer quick and efficient fox control in the Hayes, Hillingdon, Heathrow, Slough or Greenford areas. For the record, it is illegal to use any form of inhumane or poisonous control methods, and any chemicals that you might consider using, should be covered by the Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986.

For discreet pest control, contact L&T Humane Pest Control on 07947 755 298 for a free, no obligation quote for our fox prevention and control services.

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