Squirrel Control Services Hillingdon, Bucks & Berks

Grey squirrels are well known for taking up residency in the lofts of domestic properties across the UK. They can cause significant issues by chewing wood work, stripping the insulation from wires and pipes, destroying fibreglass insulation and sometimes even drowning in water tanks.

Hire L&T Humane Pest Removal to eradicate your grey squirrels and also advise on preventative measures such as blocking gaps and entry holes with wire mesh. To rid your home of squirrels we can set various types of traps or administer a special poison only available to professionals if the problem proves severe. It is worth mentioning that it is illegal to release grey squirrels caught in traps.

If you discover squirrels have invaded your home contact us, L&T Humane Pest Control covering Hayes, Hillingdon, Heathrow, Slough or Greenford Buckinghamshire, we offer discreet pest control that’s fast and efficient. Call 07947 755 298 for more information.

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