Rat Control Services Hillingdon, Bucks & Berks

If you discover you have a rat infestation it is vital to take action immediately. Rats are not only notorious for being carriers of numerous horrible diseases that can be passed on to humans; they are also capable of causing a great deal of structural damage.

Under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 it is a legal requirement for premises to be free of rodents. As a property owner you are legally obligated to inform your local authority if it is likely rodents are a threat to public health or properties. It is particularly vital for business owners to be vigilant about rat infestations as it’s possible that becoming public knowledge of such can ruin the reputation of a business.

Rats breed rapidly, usually nesting outside; however cellars, lofts and roofs can also prove appealing. Rats will eat anything including their own dead. If they think they can get to a food/water source they will gnaw through anything from plastic to piping.

Rats can be prevented by:

  • Limiting entry points to properties (they only need a gap the size of a golf ball to enter a property)
  • Removing potential places for rats to nest (this could be anywhere from piles of garden debris to drains)
  • Ensuring household waste is inaccessible to rodents (by keeping bins firmly closed and compost heaps covered)

Getting rid of rats is no mean feat and should be done so by enlisting a professional pest controller. At L&T Humane Pest Control we will identify the entry points and use appropriate humane rat traps and poisons ensuring they are out of reach of children and pets. At L&T Humane Pest Control, we offer humane rat control in the following areas Hayes, Hillingdon, Heathrow, Slough or Greenford Buckinghamshire. Get in touch with L&T Humane Pest Control to eradicate rat infestations by calling 07947 755 298 for more information.

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